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Want to make Cheap International Calls from the UK?

The Phone Card Site stock a wide selection of international phone cards, also called international calling cards, to save you loads on the cost of your international phone calls. Whether you make international calls from your landline phone or from your mobile, international phone cards are the cheapest way to call you loved ones overseas. Phone cards allow you to use the credit when you want. Buy your phone card online and pay by debit or credit card, the pin will be displayed on the screen at the end of your purchase and the phone card pin will be emailed to you.

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  • What are International Phone Cards?

    Many people have friends and family overseas and overspend on the cost of their international calls.

    International Phone Cards, also known as Calling Cards, allow the user to make cheaper international calls by using an access number and pin number, before they dial. Sold in different denominations, phone cards allow the user to budget their calls so they know exactly how much they have spent on their International calls.

  • Which is the best Phone Card for me?

    In order to find the cheapest international Phone Card, use our Best Rate Finder. Select where you are calling from and where you are dialing to. This service lists the cards to your particular destination in order of price.

    Some companies do not supply the full calling rate. In order to see the complete list of cards to dial from your country please visit UK Phone Cards or Irish Phone Cards in the tabs at the top of this page. Select the international calling card which best suits you.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    Most Phone Cards have some other charges apart from the calling rate.

    When you select the card that you want to buy, click on the phone card image. This will display additional information for calling from that phone card. Keep an eye out for daily maintenance charges, call completion fees and connection charges.

    When you buy a calling card and use it for the first time, a recorded voice normally tells you the number of minutes you can expect to get using that phone card to your destination.

  • The Benefits of using International Phone Cards

    Savings - Calling Cards can greatly reduce the cost of International Calls, savings you up to 95% on your international call costs,

    Availability - International Phone Cards are purchased online. You can buy your calling cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make your phone call when you want,

    Cost Control - Calling Cards are prepaid, therefore you don't need to worry about expensive international call bills and charges.


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